Our 4D Printer

Welcome to simplicity.

When your 4D printer arrives, hop online and open up the Ivy Studio. Simply connect your device and pick your 3D object. You can upload a design of your own or choose one of ours.

And when you're done with a design, simply pick another. Then watch as your old object transforms into your new object.

No parameters. No waiting. No compromises.

3D has never been so easy.

Hexagonal Base

Quick. Reusable. Reliable.

Unmatched Speed

Unlike 3D printers, which take hours to make even the most basic objects, Ivy's proprietary technology enables assembly of your 3D design in minutes. That means less wait time and more fun.

Revolutionary Reusability

Our 4D printer can assemble into one 3D object of your choosing, then another, and so on, all with the same material! Say goodbye to 3D printing plastic clutter and waste.

Genuine Reliability

No more messy, melted plastic. No more annoying parameters and software. Our 4D printer's unique design ensures that your 3D design always comes to life.

Insanely Cool Features

Built-in Design Studio

Thousands of 3D designs to choose from

Fits on your desk or table

Connects via bluetooth

Everything else to know about your new 4D printer

Hexagonal Platform

The Hexagonal Platform keeps the Microblocks tethered to the surface of your choosing and sends instructions through the Microblocks, telling them to transform into the shape of your choosing.

Microblock Technology

Inside your device's package, you'll find ~5,000 Microblocks, Ivy's proprietary microstructure technology that enables 4D printing. They'll be pre-asssembled and attached to your device's platform.

Your own personal Ivy Accounts

Log-in to your Ivy account to access your saved 3D files, upload new designs, or connect new Ivy devices!

Ivy Designs Marketplace

Through the Ivy Studio you can buy designs that your fellow Ivy users have published. Feel free to post and sell your own too!

Easy Setup

Just plug into a power source, turn on Bluetooth, and connect your to device to your Ivy Studio account.
We'll take care of the rest.

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